Flowers Of A Different Color

Flowers Of A Different Color
Flowers Of A Different Color!

I always wanted to try sepia toning and now we have flowers of a different color.

28 thoughts on “Flowers Of A Different Color

          1. sky lights, plants, fireplace or wood stove with isinglass, thick, puffy comforters and patchwork quilts in warm colors, good wool blankets, braided or crochet or twinned rag rugs for warmth without being gloomy, maybe gilded mirrors rather than paintings to add light and to keep from being too busy with patterned walls. If there are enough windows, ecru crochet or tatting lace would be nice. Maybe heavy velvet draperies for night and cold weather. But what color? Would a deep red be too much?

              1. ….and no TV. Not even hidden when not in use. Zilch:-)

                Would you like your photograph to be expanded into a mural-like wall painting? or to be a repeat pattern? or maybe both?

                I haven’t looked at others of your work in this way …. taking them out of the context of a complete stand alone image. This was fun imagining impression and feel and color while avoiding any particular syle and function. Thank you. I would like to do this again. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel quite comfortable in our space with your “Flowers Of A Different Color”.

                  1. You choose an original photograph, or something, and then let us build a space including “it”. When you have one you would like to start with, send me a link to the image, purty please. Or I could choose one, sometim(s?) too? Depending on if it stays fun, and time (this time of year is pretty busy) etc. Maybe in conclusion we could post the image and a list of features we decided to include, or exclude. No time limits or anything like that. Just something fun for once in a while. Or we could use the awful yucky gift from Aunt Mumbledepeg and plan a comfortable pleasant and/or amusing space around it! Hahaha Bear

  1. I agree with the ladies above. It does,however, remind me of the old trays from the early 1900s. Many of them are still around. The were glass-lined with floral prints under the glass. This would be a faded one. I love this image. The opaque areas with the flowers still visible and the focused ones in such perfect composition. This is superb, Scott.

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