Red White Flowers

Red White Flowers
Red White Flowers

22 thoughts on “Red White Flowers

  1. wow they are so pretty – would love to have a vase of those around at the moment. Autumn is here so all the colour has gone from the garden – just green, green, green and a little more green!

  2. Scott – Beautiful. I love the way so many of the flowers were open at the same time. The environment has to be just right for that to happen. I note some have asked where they can get the flowers. If they are what I think they are, they should be able to get them in their local greenhoouse in the spring and going towards summer. I’ve grown them for years, They are both heat and relatively drought resistent. I know my spelling isn’t going to be correct but this is close: delepharine. Another hint: Use small snipping trimmers to nip off the dead flowers and normally three buds will develop and eventually flower at the same place. I have some in pots and other planted directly into the ground. They will survive temperatures extremes of 115 in summer and 20 below in winter (that’s from our temperatures). All I can say about your photography is that is just plain beautiful and I truly enjoy it.

  3. Oh! They look like a bed of coals in the bottom of a super hot fire… so beautiful, they make you want to reach out and touch them, but you aren’t sure it is safe to do so at the same time. Nice shot.

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