Little Pig Little Pig

Little Pig Little Pig

Little Pig Little Pig


35 thoughts on “Little Pig Little Pig

  1. In North Carolina my grandfather had pigs. He kept them in a pen that included a area that had standing water and was muddy, they loved it, they would wallow in the mud and then dry in the sun, I guess it felt good to them. There was a trough just inside the fence, I used to ‘slop the pigs’ for him, the slop was a combination of table scrapes, hog feed, and water. The bucket was heavy, but I happily carried it to the pen and poured in the trough, they would come running and eat like pigs. I enjoyed it all. As an aside, be careful when you buy land in North Carolina, pig farming was prevalent and the ground under your land might be full of you know what.

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