Harbor Patrol

Harbor Patrol
Pillar Point Harbor Patrol

Trying my luck with HDR but I am not sure if I like it or not. However, it does make the end product interesting.

31 thoughts on “Harbor Patrol

  1. Lucky for you the patrol boat is docked. I took a photo of a cop boat out on a lake once and immediately the blue lights started flashing as he headed our way, totally ignoring the boat that had gone speeding all the way through a no-wake zone.

  2. I love this picture and the coldness it portrays. When I first pulled it up on my phone I immediately thought I’d wait to comment until I could check it out on a large monitor. I especially love the silvery-gray aspect which makes it seem surreal, something between vintage and futuristic. Well done.

    1. At first I did the standard three photos for HDR but I did not like the end results so this photo is from a single RAW image. I think it turned out well. Thanks for the comment, Ausaf.

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