Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia
Sweet Magnolia

Sorry but just had to share some more magnolia photos!

Sweet Magnolias
Sweet Magnolias



34 thoughts on “Sweet Magnolia

  1. Never be sorry for posting beauty.

    Heads up, WP is messing with us again. Your likes and comments to your blog are getting to your inbox and to the notification thingy up there between ‘New Post’ and ‘Your name’ but you are no longer getting notifications to replies to your comments on other peoples posts or additional replies. I hope that made sense.

      1. I believe at least the notifications are working again. Not sure what the other issues besides sending e-mail notices two or three days late. But it’s through computers which are only as good as the people doing he programming. 🙂

  2. This is a Japanese Magnolia. They are graceful, small trees with smaller blossoms than the big, white blossoms of the Southern Magnolia. You’ve captured some really wonderful images of them.

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