34 thoughts on “Something Was Hungry

  1. Were you at my house ??? Lol ! I have one or two of these “hollow” oranges on or under my tree almost every day. The birds start them off, then they fall and the wild chickens finish them.

  2. I think I could write something about all of your wonderful photos!
    Enjoy this Elfje poem

    a feast
    an explosive appetite
    wined, dined, divulged, ate

    (c) JP/davh

  3. Interesting picture and fun comments exchanged! Sorry, but in the UK it is a very rare thing to see an orange growing on a tree, and they are usually a sort of miniature version and indoors. So I can only ponder the mystery and wonder what the hell an orange monster might look like? 🙂

  4. Cool photo. I have 3 fruit trees and the birds eat the fruit also. Hey thanks for viewing my blog today. I appreciate your comments and readership.

    Chef Randall

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